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Sunny Sweeney: Meet the Queen of Heartache

There is no fury like a woman scorned. Add fuel to the fire with vocal power singing the lyrics, and you have yourself a hit song. Sunny Sweeney has hit the spot with her recent EP Release. The five song album leaves you wanting to know more of the story of heartache and moving on.
Starting off in rowdy fashion is “Drink Myself Single.” The honky tonking song begs the question how does it feel from a female perspective to do some of the things a man would do while on a night on the town. You will be singing this tune before the end of it. The sound itself reminds the listener of a classic song by Kentucky native, Loretta Lynn.
Sorrow fills the air as Sweeney sings the tune “Amy.” The lyrics speak of two women in a man’s life, one not being in love with the man yet she stays around. It sets the pace for what is to come on the album.
“Staying Worse Than Leaving,” was co-written with Rodney Crowell with the fluid presentation. The song itself talks about that sometimes in a relationship, no matter what others may have said, staying in that relationship is worse than leaving. You can’t help but feel the impact from lyrics such as “Both our hearts let go a long time ago. Words leave scars and Lord knows they heal slow. Our love died but somehow we are both still breathing. I just open someday We’ll look back on this grieving and say staying’s worst than leaving.”
While listening to “Helluva Heart,” you learn fast you don’t want to mess with Sweeney with a broken heart. With anger and passion, she sings about “what kind of man don’t give a damn that he breaks what won’t even bend.” She begs how does the man live with the pain he caused her.
Sunny Sweeney’s current hit song, “From a Table Away,” has taken fans back to the traditional country music sound that radio airwaves need to hear. The classic tale of being the other woman is one that some could relate to. You feel the heartache is Sweeney’s vocals, just like a classic Tammy Wynette aching tune.
Heartache and honky tonk best describes Sunny Sweeney’s latest 5 song EP release. It begs the listener for more from Sweeney and hopefully the record company will release more hit songs such as these 5. Country music needs real stories from real women and Sunny Sweeney will fit the piece in that puzzle. Fans can purchase the album via Itunes and