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Small town dreams become reality for Kevin Skinner

From the small town of Dublin, Kentucky, were the dreams of a man who would go on to gain national attention with his story.Kevin Skinner always had hopes and dreams of being a country music singer since he was a teenager. Having learned to play the guitar from his father, he would hone his craft throughout the years. “My dad was a big part of learning about country music,” Skinner said recently in an interview.
By taking a big chance, Skinner would go to face the auditions for a tv show, America’s Got Talent. His story and songs would soon be aired to millions through their tv sets. After several weeks of singing and asking for America’s vote, Kevin Skinner would go on to win that season’s overall competition on America’s Got Talent.
After a four day run in Vegas, Skinner would come home to Kentucky. “I went to Nashville for songwriter rounds and several said that they liked my music,” Skinner noted. It was soon he caught the eye of CypressTree Records, who would sign him to his record deal.
One of the highlights of his career was opening for George Jones. “It was an amazing experience,” Skinner mentioned. He would also do a headlining show at Busters in Lexington, Kentucky.
Skinner’s debut album, “Long Ride,” was originally released in March of 2010. It was re-released recently with the first single, “Like It’s the Last Goodbye.” The video for the heartfelt tune is currently playing on GAC and CMT.
“The album is songs dear to my heart that I have written the last few years. They were written about growing up in Dublin.”
The album itself is full of songs of love, heartache, and family. Those who loved hearing Skinner on the tv show will enjoy the album.
From small town dreams to reality, Kevin Skinner has definitely come a long way from being known to the world as a chicken catcher from Kentucky.