Jamey Johnson shaking country to its core with new release

Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song Country music fans and traditionalists raved with Jamey Johnson released “That Lonesome Song” in 2008. Some exclaimed that Johnson was the savior of country music and bringing it back to its roots. With the success of that album, fans wondered how the most anticipated album, “The Guitar Song,” would live up to its expectations.

Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys on music and KY State Fair traditions

Oak Ridge Boys – photo by Jessica Bray Each year, the Kentucky State Fair has hosted the Oak Ridge Boys.  In fact, they have been back for 35 consecutive years, bringing entertainment to the fans both young and old.  I was fortunate to speak with Richard Sterban, who sings the deep bass vocals for the Oak Ridge Boys, about their

Charlie Daniels making history at the 2010 Kentucky State Fair

Charlie Daniels Tuesday night of the Kentucky State Fair will be filled with the fiddle sounds coming from Charlie Daniels and the Charlie Daniels Band.  They will be joined by the Kentucky Headhunters in a historical performance that happened 20 years ago.  We recently spoke with Charlie Daniels on his golden career of over fifty years in the business and