Watch Sturgill Simpson perform on Saturday Night Live

Sturgill Simpson – Saturday Night Live Guest on January 14, 2017
Kentucky native, Sturgill Simpson, exceeded everyone’s expectations with his explosive performance of “Call to Arms,” complete with Miles Miller’s cymbal falling off towards the end of the song and Sturgill putting a stamp into the performance with throwing his guitar into the ground.  
Sturgill Simpson has made a name for himself over the years.  His family are originally from Breathitt County, Kentucky, before moving to Versailles, Kentucky.  Sturgill has performed throughout Kentucky, as well as the world, having reached across the ocean throughout Europe with successful tours.  Most notably, he recently received Grammy Award nominations for Best Album Overall and Best Country Album for “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth.”  The album itself was done for his young son, as well as in tribute to when Sturgill spent his years in the Navy.
Miles Miller, another fellow Kentucky native, being from Versailles, has been gaining notice with his explosive drumming alongside Sturgill.  Needless to say, both have placed a spotlight onto Kentucky with their unique sound.  The Saturday Night Live performance showcased a sound as if you mixed Ralph Stanley, Keith Whitley, and Ray Charles.  As you could say, when Appalachian soul meets the soul of New Orleans.
Watch the performance of Sturgill Simpson performing  “Call to Arms” and “Keep It Between the Lines” on Saturday Night Live below:

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