Oak Ridge Boys honored with Kentucky Colonel recognition

With the Kentucky State Fair, there is a time-honored tradition of fried things on a stick, livestock, music, and more. One of the longest traditions besides the animated Freddy Farm Bureau out front is seeing the Oak Ridge Boys perform. This year was no exception as it made their 37th time performing at the Kentucky State Fair on Sunday night.
During the show, the Oak Ridge Boys received a surprised by becoming Kentucky Colonels. Being named a Kentucky Colonel is truly a high honor bestowed upon by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Governor and Secretary of State present the recognition to those that have noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to the community, state, or nation.
According to the Kentucky Colonel website, they are, “unwavering in devotion to faith, family, fellowman and country. Passionate about being compassionate. Proud, yet humble. Leaders who are not ashamed to follow. Gentle but strong in will and commitment. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, as a Brotherhood, reaches out to care for our children, support those in need and preserve our rich heritage.”
For more information on the Kentucky State Fair, be sure to visit www.kystatefair.org. Be sure to follow the Oak Ridge Boys tour schedule by heading over to www.oakridgeboys.com.

Jessica Bray

Jessica Bray is the owner and founder of Kentucky Country Music website. Jessica has been a music journalist and historian for over 20 years. She enjoys providing concert photography, reviews, red carpet event coverage, and exclusive interviews of your favorite country music singers. She is a Kentucky Colonel, as well as a collector of Volkswagen and Gnome items. Most recently, she was named Laurel County's Ten Under 40 Award Recipients for 2018.

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